Our philosophy…


Biodynamics allows us a global approach to the plant and the environment based on the influences that come from the earth, air and water.

The goal is for the vines to thrive in the best possible environment, which will make them less susceptible to pests and will limit applications of copper mixture and sulfur.

As a priority, we develop the microbial life of the soil so that the roots draw all the necessary elements from it.

Then we promote the development of many annual and perennial herbs that provide biodiversity that is favorable to the ecosystem. We are also attentive to the rhythm of the planets and adapt certain works, in particular working the soil and taking advantage of favorable influences.

The vines become more resistant and a few applications of herbal teas allow us to obtain good harvests.

All this work in intelligence with our environment, brings very interesting results, at the level of the quality of the wines but also at the human level. It is indeed a great pleasure to feel in harmony with nature, with life, a pleasure that we like to share with more and more enthusiasts.